playasHow could it be otherwise, We are nestled in the Village of Noja, land of contrasts, where you can choose from a varied offer: from the famous tourist Sun and beach, the adventurous o el cultural. You choose, we will propose several options to get you started.

Our beaches, that of Trengandín and of Rice, linked by route of 6 kilometers, through which you can enjoy small Creeks, and pine forests.

Also, a few miles and for nature lovers have the Santoña o el Molino de Joyel and Victoria which in turn is considered turismo cultural.

But our tourism is not only made up places unprecedented, but also enjoyed a cultural offerings as varied: civil architecture, religious or military among other categories.

Also include the Bonifaz Obdulia House or Palace of the Marqués del Albaicin, sixteenth century, and The palatial residence of Cilla known for Casona de La Torre as civil architecture.

Regarding military, highlights Palace-Velasco Tower and the Church of San Pedro with its famous baroque tower as an example of religious architecture.

As you can see, has a Tourism for everyone, for this reason the dudes to visit The Granary, Your restaurant in Santander.


Ven a Noja, the regret

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